Superthinking: Learn the Art of Masterful Observation, Sharpen Your Memory, Boost Creativity and Become a Master of Strategy



Super Thinking - PaperbackWhat do Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, Plato and Einstein all have in common? Most would refer to these impressive historical figures as geniuses. As a society, we have a fascination with great minds. We give more attention to their work and we find ourselves quoting them and parroting their ideas in an effort to try and draw some inspiration or channel some of their success.

This fascination bleeds into the fictional work giving us popular characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Dr. House, Tyrion Lannister, Mike Ross and many others who are admired for their sharp minds.

I too share this fascination and while watching the TV series Limitless (based on the film), I had a lightbulb moment. It struck me that all my favourite fictional characters possessed the same mental abilities.

They were characterised by impressive memories, delightful observation skills and the ability to come up with inspired ideas and think their way out of corners over and over again. I recognise that these skills have been inflated to add drama to their respective creations, but the revelation stuck with me.

Skipping back 5 years, I became fascinated with Sherlock Holmes (thanks to Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch) and even though he was a fictional character, I was insanely jealous of his observation and deductive skills.

I decided to try and learn these skills for myself, so I began researching. I found a few tips and tricks here and there, but I couldn’t find a comprehensive resource teaching how Sherlock Holmes did the amazing things he did.

So I decided to create my own.

Through a lot of research, I managed to identify the skills and patterns that Sherlock used. I shared what I’d learned in a 2,000-word article, which has been read over 150,000 times since I posted it and was the foundation of this book.

In the 5 years since then, I’ve explored and expanded my own knowledge of cognitive and applied psychology and was recently inspired to create a guide on how to learn the collection of impressive skills and mental approaches that I like to call Superthinking.

It’s my hope that the ideas we’ll explore in this book will improve your approach to thinking which could, in turn, improve your performance at work and also help you to make positive changes in your personal life.