About SuperThinking

We will teach you to supercharge your memory, boost your creativity and see everything

It’s widely acknowledged that those blessed with intellect can be poor thinkers and those with lower intellect may be brilliant thinkers. It all depends on how you gather, process and apply information.

Superthinking is a skill set defined by a person’s approach to observation, memory, learning, problem-solving, and thinking. Superthinking is a group of skills and processes that anyone can follow regardless of perceived intellect.

At SuperThinking, we investigate the latest cognitive psychology research and from the findings work to develop techniques and approaches to help improve memory, learning, lateral thinking, logic, thinking frameworks, strategy, and self-improvement in general.

SuperThinking was created by Michael Parker, marketing strategist and psychology enthusiast.

Work With Us

We’re currently working on a book on Superthinking, and also, a 6+ hour online course split into 10 sections and over 75 lectures. Both the course and the book will take you step-by-step through a syllabus which will culminate in you learning Sherlock Holmes-like mental abilities. If you’re interested in enrolling in the online course or getting your hands on a copy of the book, please subscribe and we’ll send you an email when they are available (p.s. you’ll also receive a 25% discount on the course if you subscribe before enrolling).

  • Books – Michael has completed the first draft of his book Superthinking: Learn the Art of Masterful Observation, Improved Memory and Mental Agility, which is planned for release late 2016.
  • Courses – The syllabus and content of the online course has been finalised and work will begin on producing the course once the book has been released. The course will be interactive and constantly updated based on student feedback.
  • Consulting – If you’d prefer a more personal approach, please get in touch and we can discuss the option of one-on-one coaching.

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