About Michael

Michael ParkerMy first introduction to psychology was when I stumbled on one of my mum’s psychology textbooks (for University) when I was 11 – I didn’t really understand much at the time, but I did want to find out more.

I became fascinated by psychology and human behaviour, thinking that if I could understand people more, I might fit in with the cooler kids a little better. FYI – it didn’t work, but that’s another story. I started with university texts on psychology borrowed from my mum and then went on to read books by authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, Steven Pinker, Robert Cialdini and Daniel Kahneman. I quickly became somewhat of a smart-thinking enthusiast.

At college, I studied Business and Psychology and then at university I studied Marketing, and a significant chunk of that study was devoted to understanding how people think and what motivates them. Like most students, I did a LOT of reading, particularly books covering subjects such as situation analysis, strategy, persuasion, motivation, and psychology.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA (Hons) Marketing Communications & Advertising of which the psychology of influence and persuasion played a large part. I’ve since worked for a number of companies, helping to form and implement business and marketing strategies. I’ve maintained my interest in strategy, influence and smart-thinking ever since and always exploring new ideas on thinking.

My passion, however, lies in understanding the human brain, human behaviour and how we can leverage our natural functions to improve our lives. To this end I’ll begin studying for MSc Psychology in September 2016.

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As an online marketer, a decent chunk of my time has been spent on building websites and writing content. I also run a handful of other unrelated websites alongside Superthinking: