Power of Analogy on Learning

Analogies and metaphor are used throughout our lives and we’re pre-disposed to using metaphors and analogies to both learn and teach, but most people aren’t even conscious they are doing it. You know a metaphor is coming when you hear, “Just imagine…” “It’s just like…”, “It’s the same as…”, and “Think of it as…” Metaphors not

Strategic Thinking – Think 2-Steps Ahead

Being able to think strategically is one of the most useful skills a person can have. It can apply in so many situations, whether you’re developing a marketing strategy, mapping your path to achieving a set of goals or even trying manoeuvre your way to the top of your organisation. You want to train your mind

Focused and Diffused Thinking

When we’re learning and thinking, there are 2 modes available to us; focused and diffused. We’re more familiar with focused thinking, it’s what is drilled into us at school and what seems to be valued in the workforce. Focused thinking is when the brain actively zeros in on trying to come up with a solution

Think Clearly With Logic

  Unless you’re a mathematician or a programmer, you’ll most likely hear the term logic used to describe something sensible. We usually refer to being logical as taking emotion out of the picture and looking at something objectively – this is partially right, but there’s a lot more to logic than that. Logic is the

The 8 Sources of Power

Power is the outward expression of inward strength and confidence in a situation. Power comes from many places, what I like to call the 8 Sources of Power: Power of position comes from a position you hold. Positions of power can be either appointed, elected or created by oneself. An appointed position generally means that others

Political Manoeuvring – Game of Thrones Style

Let’s explore this type of manoeuvring by looking at an example from the Game of Thrones world – if you want to avoid spoilers, then I’d suggest skipping the next seconds of this video and I’ll provide another example later. Petyr Baelish is the only son of a very minor lord with only a few

Think Like Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood is a a perfect example of the modern Machiavellian. The term Machiavellian arose after the publication of The Prince in 1512. The Prince (Il Principe) was a political treatise by Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli and is undoubtedly his most famous work. A Machiavellian is someone who values political expediency over morals and is willing to use deceit and fear

Differentiating Yourself When You Sell The Same Product As Everyone Else

As a former Maplin employee, there was one problem the web team came up against over and over – how do we differentiate ourselves when we sell the same products as our competitors? It’s a very tricky question and is often answered with: provide exceptional service and offer a personal touch. Both of these are good principles

How to Think Like Harvey Specter

If you’ve seen Suits, then you know why I’ve chosen to focus on Harvey Specter over Mike Ross. As incredible as Mike Ross’s photographic memory is, it’s not something that can be learned, you’re just born with it. Harvey Specter on the other hand has a whole bunch of skills and traits which can be

5 Strategies for Competing with Bigger Businesses

One of the biggest barriers for most entrepreneurs looking to set up an ecommerce store is that there’s nearly always someone else, someone bigger, doing the same thing. They sell lots of products, so they can place orders for higher quantities with suppliers, meaning that they can get much lower buying prices than your smaller